“I promise to always be your best friend and to occasionally allow you to win the I love you more game. I promise to fall asleep cuddling every night, and to be big spoon when you need some extra comforting. I vow that I will remind you daily of what you mean to me. I promise to do my best not to make fun of you while you’re playing video games and to always agree that the other players don’t know what they’re doing. I vow to always be loyal. I promise to always be the bonnie to your clyde.. except without the whole gun shootout tragic death thing. I promise to raise our son as a team and I promise to never let your hard work go unappreciated. I promise to cherish our love, not because it is fragile, but because it is special. And most of all I promise to love you. All day, every day, I will love you.”

The morning of October 12, 2013 I woke up, rolled over in bed, and said good morning to my fiancé for the last time before he would become my husband. He headed off to join his groomsmen for brunch (and probably a few too many drinks) and I headed off to ‘the wedding house’. I walked in to find that the ceremony alter had been set up, and flowers had filled the home. I ate a bowl of pumpkin curry soup as I watched the final preparations come together, took a shower, and began the completely hectic process of getting ready. As my bridesmaids helped me get into my wedding dress, I peaked through the curtains to watch as family members began to arrive. I downed a glass of champagne to drown my nerves and made the mistake of eating a chocolate covered strawberry that completely destroyed my lipstick. The wedding party lined up, the music began, and I finally walked down the aisle towards my best friend as the sun set over the Las Vegas valley. There was love and tears and magic and it was the best night of my life.

Marriage year one has done nothing but amaze me. My husband has done nothing but amaze me. Our life together so far has done nothing but amaze me. I married a man who is true to his word and does not make a promise that he cannot keep. I married a man with dreams, drive, charm, and a full heart. I married a man who has done nothing but fill my life with so much love each and every day. I married a man who makes up the most annoying songs about the most ridiculous of subjects. He has lost my prized Pyrex containers at work one too many times, and he has a tendency to commandeer 85% of the bed at night. But I married a man who annoys me in the funniest ways possible. He is hilarious and ridiculous in all of the right ways, and he never ceases to keep me entertained. He is my husband. He is the father of my baby. He is my best friend. He has given me the most amazing first year of marriage, and tonight I toast to our future.





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Tis the season for pumpkin lattes and moving.

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The Las Vegas heat is finally subsiding and I’ve made my first batch of potato soup of the fall. I can finally justify wearing a sweater as I make breakfast in the morning and my little man has been sleeping in footsie pajamas. Fall is here and I couldn’t be more welcoming of it.

These past few weeks have been a bit hectic around our household after finding out that our landlord wanted to sell our current home. The house hunting began, and after viewing 15 homes (and chasing Liam up and down the stairs in each and every one of them), we finally found the perfect one. We had initially been upset about the idea of moving out of the home that we brought our son home from the hospital to. The home that housed so many of our family’s ‘firsts’. However, our new place is quite the upgrade from our current little two bedroom condo, and as moving day gets closer, I have become increasingly excited. As we remove the personal touches from our current home, it begins to feel less and less like we live here, and all that I can think of is how things will be in our new home. All the space we will have.. The backyard to play in.. The front porch to share coffee on.. The fire pit to drink wine around. We move towards the end of October, and I feel as though the end of a month has never felt further away. I know there is days and days worth of packing to do and I should appreciate the preparation time that I have, but impatience has gotten the best of me.

In the meantime I am left to daydream. I have at least 10 tabs pulled up on my computer at all times of various home goods sales that I am waiting to pounce on. I have been checking local puppy adoptions constantly in anticipation of the new puppy we plan on bringing into our new home for Christmas. I sit in bed awake at night figuring out where each piece of furniture will go in the new place and where each picture frame would look best on the walls. My daydreaming and fantasizing is ridiculous and out of control to say the least.

Between packing and daydreaming however, my family and I have been able to enjoy the peaceful coolness of the fall air. Our evening walks have increased and despite my hesitance to join the ‘basic white girl pumpkin spice’ bandwagon, we may or may not have purchased several pumpkin lattes in the last couple of weeks. My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a lovely outdoor wedding and ‘birthday season’ for my husband and many of our friends is quickly approaching. The pumpkin patches are finally being set up around town and the evenings are at last cool enough for me to wear sweats. I may be impatient and anxious, but being impatient and anxious isn’t so terrible when you’ve got such beautiful fall weather and activities to surround yourself with.

Although I will do my best, as moving day slowly approaches, you will probably continue to hear little from me as I’ve got packing to do, pumpkin patches to visit, and Halloween costumes to put together. I’m sure I will have blog posts galore of stories to tell and photos to share, but for now I am going to enjoy my favorite time of year with my favorite people and I encourage you all to do the same.