Young At Heart Co. Product Review

I’m incredibly picky when it comes to clothing for my little man. The sizing, the style, the quality… If it doesn’t fit my admittedly over the top standards, it doesn’t go on my baby, end of story. This makes shopping both time consuming and often pretty costly (que my husband’s complaints), which is why I couldn’t be more excited when I stumble upon brands that measure up to all of these standards, such as Young at Heart Co. I recently discovered Young At Heart, an etsy shop full of super affordable//handmade baby clothes and accessories that come in a wide range of styles and designs.

Pictured below is my son wearing the ‘sketchy lines’ shorts in a size 2T. Right off the bat, I noticed a few pretty rad things about this shop:

1. The turn around//shipping time was surprisingly fast. I’m the kind of person that orders something online, then checks the mail every day for the rest of the week wondering why in the world the order didn’t immediately and miraculously show up in my mailbox moments after I submitted the order. This shop kept that waiting to a minimum, making for one happy mommy.

2. The quality is fantastic. The shorts are soft, light (perfect for Las Vegas summers), and clearly made with care. My boy is extremely ‘rough and tough’. He’s already taken several falls and dives in these shorts and they have remained perfectly in tact.

3. The fit is just right. My son is on the smaller side, which often makes it tricky to size when ordering from online. These shorts are true to size, and just loose enough that I feel confident that they will fit him for the rest of the summer, but tight enough that they aren’t sagging off his little bum.

I can highly recommend Young At Heart to all of the mamas out there that appreciate a quality fashion forward and handmade baby clothing and accessory brand. Beyond the shorts, they offer several other cute styles//products great for both genders during all seasons. Check out their etsy link: to browse all of their options and check back here//on my instagram (link in sidebar) in a few days for a discount code!

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Camp Liam

With each passing year, I discover more and more that all of those older folk who approached my big pregnant belly saying things like:

“time flies by in the blink of an eye!”


“You’ll be sending that kid to college before you know it!”

….they were all right. Just two years ago on this day, I was on my way to the hospital to bring our little guy into the world. Now I sit here trying to throw together a blog post as my toddler runs around the house saying “help me! help me!” about every tiny little obstacle he comes across. My 6.5 pound baby is now capable of putting on his own shoes, verbally communicating what he wants, and riding a scooter across the park… and man is it crazy to watch sometimes.

To celebrate the big T-W-O we threw our little guy a camping themed birthday party, complete with a teepee, ‘Camp Liam” banner, and all of his favorite people. Being the obsessed and slightly overly organized party planner that I am, this party was in the makes for at least 4 months. I have surfed every pinterest board, every etsy deal, and made about 10 lists full of ideas to say the least.

What ultimately brought me to the decision of a camping theme was the over all ease of it. Camping is simple, laid back, and always a good time (unless you’re camping in the actual woods and forget one of your necessities or get attacked by mosquitoes). All we had to do was throw up a camping shade, put out some camping chairs, and fire up the grill and bam… Camp Liam was open for business.
The party took a lot of prepping and planning but was 100% worth it. Liam had a great time, was left with some awesome toys, and was absolutely exhausted by the end of it all…so I would say: mission accomplished.

Tonight we will put our one year old down for bed, and tomorrow we will wake up with a two year old jumping up and down as we attempt to get him ready for his big adventure to the children’s discovery museum. At some point in the day I’m sure that I will stare at my baby’s newborn photos and probably get embarrassingly teary eyed, but ultimately be comforted by my little man will running up to me and giving me a big sloppy kiss as he wraps his arms around my neck saying “ma-ma!”. It will be a grand and exciting day as we celebrate two years of time on this earth, two years of memories, and two years of our world being shaken up in the greatest of ways.

Happy Birthday to my two year old.


The Whine Connoisseur

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