Red Sangria

So here we are, March 2020, and things just aren’t quite panning out the way any of us envisioned for this year… to say the least. This pandemic has shaken us all up, a lot of us are out of work or working from home, kids are out of school, successfully hunting down a pack of toilet paper is considered a major come up, and we can no longer use the good ol “im sorry i’m so busy right now” as an excuse to get off the phone.

With all this extra downtime, now felt like the perfect time to finally brush off my long lost blog and let it see the light of day once again. Making my return to the blogging world with a wine related drink recipe just felt right, and if you’re anything like my husband and I at this time, you could definitely use a good drink.

I love this Sangria because it consists of ingredients that I personally almost always have on hand + bonus: none of these ingredients have been sold out at any of the stores I’ve been to, so this recipe should be easy for anyone to whip together.

I don’t play by any specific rules when it comes to cocktails, so use this as a base but adjust the quantities of everything depending on what your pallet prefers more or less of.

What you’ll need:

-Large pitcher

-750 ml bottle of cheap red wine (i usually use a red blend)

-12 oz orange juice

-12 oz sprite

-6 oz Rum (we use Bacardi gold)

-1 orange

-1 lemon

-handful of berries (any berries work, i just use what i have around)


  1. Thinly slice the orange + lemon and put in the pitcher along with the berries.
  2. Add in all other ingredients.
  3. Stir it all together and put in the fridge to sit for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Serve chilled (we like to pour ours over ice). Scoop out some of the fruit for garnish on top.
  5. Take a boomerang for the gram. Enjoy!

We love enjoying this Sangria on the patio while soaking in the lovely spring weather we’ve been having and trying to forget about all the craziness going on. I hope you all enjoy + I’d love for you to share photos with me if you do try it! Hang in there everybody, we will make it through this. And until then, there’s wine lol


The Whine Connoisseur

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