About Me

My journey into parenthood started several years back when I met the love of my life. He was a long haired salesman hippie and I was a day care teacher living in my grandma’s extra bedroom. Mutual friends brought us together and we have been inseparable since our first date. Eventually and completely unexpectedly I got “sick” and after two weeks of living in the bathroom every morning, we realized that I was actually pregnant. We were young, scared, and yet completely overjoyed. My husband and I were married 3 months after our son’s birth and so the story of our little family continued.

Liam was the most high energy baby (and now the most high energy five year old) and he forced us to grow up quickly. While having a baby so young had never been in my plans, he is 100% the reason that I am who I am today and for that I will always be so so thankful. Liam is the sweetest little dude with a big heart. He has a wild imagination, loves legos, and wants to build robots when he grows up. He loves a good fart joke, could live off of pancakes and berries, and enjoys telling anyone who will listen all about his various adventures in the world of Minecraft. I swear he gets taller by the second and every time I blink I feel like he’s ten steps closer to being a teenager who’s too cool for me.

Four years after Liam rocked our world, along came Scarlett. She is her daddy on the outside and me on the inside. She is our family’s little princess and she knows it. On the day she was born every nurse that came into our hospital room made comment of how alert and observant she looked. To this day nothing has changed. She loves observing situations before jumping into them and loves mimicking everything we do. She is completely down to dance to a good song at any moment and enjoys pounding on the fridge to demand a slice of cheese about 15 times a day. She has mastered the art of getting what she wants and has us all completely wrapped around her fingers.

I am  a work from home mom, running a photography + social media marketing business while also running after my crazy little humans. I love to cook, edit photos, re-organize and re-decorate our home, plan parties months and months in advance, pin workouts that I rarely end up doing, binge watch reality tv shows while drinking wine (preferably cab) after the kids go to bed, and adventure around the southwest with my family. We try to do all the things all the time and each day is more exhausting than the last… but I love this life I’ve been blessed with.

I write this blog for all the mommies who wake up exhausted but continue to put their little ones first. I write this for all of the young mommies who are scared and have no idea what they’re doing. I write this blog for all the mommies who just need someone that understands/relates. I write this blog for all the mommies who are trying to juggle all the things all the time. And I write this blog for all the mommies who just need that tallll glass of wine at the end of a long day.





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