Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to get sick…



This week has been interesting so far to say the least. I launched my blog and thought to myself “this is great, I will make several posts in the upcoming days”. Wrong. Mother nature had a different idea. At the end of an eventful weekend full of birthday parties and water parks, I laid in bed Sunday night completely cold stricken and dreading the coming day when my husband would leave for work.

I sat on the couch Monday morning as my 10 month old pulled at my leg and I thought “you got this girl, put on your big girl panties, drink that cup of tea and get over this cold”. Get over it, I did not. You see, no matter how great of a supermom you thought you were, no amount of supermom powers is going to make taking care of a needy, teething 10 month old easy while you’ve got a cold. And of course you don’t JUST have to take care of your baby, you also have to keep the house up and running. Let’s just say I went to bed the second my son did.

I’m not here to complain. I’m really here to say that every mama who has ever gotten out of bed and taken care of their little ones while sick is freaking awesome. There are no sick days when you are a mom. Your baby does not understand that you are sick, and they certainly will not stop eating, teething, crying, or pooping because you are sick. You just have to take it one step at a time and push your way through the day.

So that was my grande explanation as to why I have not actually made any awesome posts on my awesome new blog. I hope to change that this week. Until then.





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