Family Photos 2015


This year we had our family photos done once again at Calico Basin. At some point (probably next year), we will surely move on to a new location, but for now, Calico Basin 1. Fits all of our photography needs and 2. Is a special place for us since we have been photographed there since our engagement photos several years ago. Mixing things up a little bit this year, we hiked further up into a more ‘desert-y’ looking area… which was not an easy task given the fact that our photographer was 32 weeks pregnant, I was wearing 4 inch heels, and we had a two year old with us. Anyone watching was surely entertained by the show as we all stumbled up/down the nonexistent trail. Liam managed to not only stay still long enough to have his photo taken… but actually schmoozed it up for the camera and seemed to ENJOY being photographed (which is a first and also possibly an act of god). Check out our photo gallery below, taken by the ever so talented Kelsey Anderson.

One thought on “Family Photos 2015

  1. I love all the photos Bailie, they’re wonderful. And, Liam is getting so big, no longer a little boy, but a little man for sure. Laura

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